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Fighting Animal Testing

Lush Cosmetics | Vegan Living by Danielle

If you’re looking to support a company that makes efforts to end animal testing, I highly recommend checking out Lush Cosmetics. Lush marks their vegan products to make shopping easy. You can put your mind at ease shopping with them because you know you’re supporting a company that is fighting to end animal testing and treating yourself.

I purchased these two items, the Kiss and Charity Pot, a few months ago and love both!

The Kiss smoothed my lips so nicely and left a little tint on my lips. You can just lick it off when you’re done scrubbing too and it surprisingly tastes good! I’ve found this product useful to keep lipsticks from flaking off my lips throughout the day. (My favorite lipstick comes from Kat Von D, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. It’s also vegan and cruelty free!)

But my favorite is the Charity Pot lotion. I’ve always suffered from extremely dry, sensitive skin, especially in the winter. Over 20+ years I have tried numerous tricks and lotions and nothing stands up to this lotion. I only use a dime sized dollop on my hands right before bed and my skin has never been more soft! Plus all profit from the purchase goes to charity.

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Cruelty-Free Beauty Products


Cruelty-Free Brands | Vegan Living by Danielle

Have you ever gotten shampoo, face wash, or soap in your eye in the shower?

Didn’t it burn terribly?

Weren’t you relieved to finally rinse it out completely, even though it still burned?


In 2012, an article by the Humane Society International stated that over 100 million animals around the world will die in one year in animal testing laboratories.

You can help end animal testing by purchasing products from companies that don’t test on animals and stop buying products from companies that do test on animals. You can also help by signing this petition with PETA.

To me, being vegan is much more to me than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It deeply upsets me to think about animals being hurt, mistreated, or killed because of something I want to eat or put on my skin! Whenever I reach for a product that I know is tested on animals, I can’t stop myself from thinking of all the bunnies, dogs, cats, and mice that were tortured in laboratories just so I could use this product for reasons of vanity! Why do we continue to use the same brands that test on animals when there are so many products available that don’t test on animals?!

Cruelty-free brands are much more attainable and affordable than people think, but make sure to do your research. Many companies print on their label that they don’t test on animals, but frequently are owned by companies that do test on animals, which in the long run you are supporting by purchasing from them. Some examples are Maybelline, NYX, Lancome, and Pureology, which are owned by L’Oreal who admitted that their company tests on animals.

Here’s a short list of some cruelty-free beauty product brands you can find at Target, Wal-Mart, and most drug stores!

To aid in your own research, check out my blog post, Vegan Lifestyle Apps, for apps that will help you shop vegan! Also, find an entire list of companies and if they’re certified by Leaping Bunny certified.

Don’t forget, cleaning products like Lysol, Windex, and Febreze are also tested on animals. Look for cruelty free options of these as well, Target carries a lot! Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, Citrus Magic, biokleen, 365 (Whole Foods), Trader Joe’s, Earth Friendly Products (or ECOS), and most DIY cleaners! (My family swears by the mixture of 1 part vinegar to 1 part dish soap and add any essential oils for desired fragrance. Take an old spray bottle, or buy one at the dollar store or Target!)


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Vegan Lifestyle Apps

Going vegan can be tough at times, but we live in an age where information is readily available at your fingertips! Here are some apps that can make the transition easier:

  • Is It Vegan?: This app is my favorite so far! You scan the barcode of the product you’re looking to buy and it will tell you if it’s vegan or not and if it’s not, it tells you the ingredients that make it not vegan. Super handy and easy! The one downfall is that it can be difficult to work sometimes. The first time I used it I had to scan the bar code a few times before it read it correctly, but definitely worth it!
  • Animal-Free: This app I haven’t used too much yet because the scanner on “Is It Vegan?” is so dang handy. However, it is super useful for research on different ingredients that are derived from animals. It has the option to view all non-vegan ingredients, ingredients that are always derived from animals, and ingredients that sometimes come from animals but could also be vegan and derived from plants or other sources. There’s a little V in the bottom corner and it changes your view to show vegan ingredients!

More advanced vegan apps:

  • Bunny Free: I like this app for finding if products I’m interested in buying are cruelty-free. It has a barcode scanner and you can also search by brand. However, it’s not as in-depth as I like to go when purchasing beauty products. For example, Pureology is listed as cruelty-free but it’s owned by L’Oreal. L’Oreal tests on animals, so personally I wouldn’t buy from Pureology, but it has the PETA leaping bunny approval.
  • peta2: I LOVE this app!!! By simply sharing photos or posts, changing your phone wallpaper, or clicking a button to email companies to offer vegan options or stop animal abuse you accumulate points. You can then use those points to get free stuff! I earned a water bottle and a t-shirt through this app and am almost able to get another tee! If you love how this app allows you to help animals from your phone, also consider the PETA app. This app has different campaigns from the peta2 app, but you don’t earn points toward free PETA gear.

Vegan SuperHero App:

  • buycott: This app is amazing because there are a bunch of causes you can “support” on the app. When you scan the barcode of a product, the app tells you if the company supports your cause or goes against it. You can click the causes the brand you scanned supports and the ones that conflict and find out more. For example, I support to end animal testing and pro-right to know for GMO labelling; I scanned a can of Progresso Vegetable soup and it says they support to end animal testing (yay!) but conflicts with the GMO labeling. The details actually showed that Progresso donated millions of dollars against GMO labeling and buycott provides a link to source their claims. With this app I decided to put the soup back on the shelf and opt for a brand that didn’t conflict with my views.

These are just a few apps I’ve tried and like. If you have any apps that I didn’t list please share them in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!



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Protein Powders

Hey there! If you’re looking to lead a vegan life and love fitness like me, I have some tips for you about vegan protein! Many people think vegan protein powder has to cost a fortune and is gross, well it absolutely does not have to be either of those things! Here are my ratings on just a few vegan protein powders I’ve tried that you can find at most any Target, and sometimes Marshalls/TJMaxx has it which is nice because they generally have lower prices. I included links to these all in the vanilla flavor because I think it’s the best flavor to have on it’s own, plus you can add some coffee to it in the morning for breakfast, or mix it into a fruit smoothie!

Vega Sport Performance Protein: By far my favorite! It has the most protein of their line and also has things like BCAAs, probiotics (which is good for digestion) and superfoods like turmeric. It’s also pretty low cal!

Vega Protein and Greens: Very good flavor, texture can be a little weird because of the “greens” part.

Olly Nourishing Smoothie: This vanilla protein powder is super yummy! I didn’t like it at first because I mixed it with vegan milk, but is too think. I really suggest mixing this powder with water. This is probably the yummiest of the powders but doesn’t have as much protein and nutrients as the Vega powders.

If you’re not necessarily looking for a protein shake on it’s own, but a protein powder to add to smoothies or foods try the Manitoba Harvest brand. Some Targets and grocery stores carry it, but it’s organic and the non-flavored proteins don’t have much taste, which I like when you’re adding it to food or smoothies.

Please comment below for any yummy, wallet-friendly vegan protein powders!

***Stay away from soy based protein powders if you’re consuming daily! It is not recommended to consume soy products daily and I found out the hard way. I was consuming GNC’s soy protein powder once and sometimes twice a day and got more chunky! I lost about 5 lbs when I switched to non-soy protein powder and that was the only variable I changed at the time in my diet/exercise.***

Thanks for reading!



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Vegan Documentaries

Hey everyone! I wanted to learn more about meat and dairy industries and why going vegan is good for the environment, but most of these documentaries are too graphic and unbearably sad.

For anyone looking to educate themselves more about the vegan lifestyle without the sad parts, I highly recommend watching the documentary, Live and Let Live! It’s a great film that doesn’t show photos or footage of animals being killed or abused like a lot of vegan documentaries do. It is a compilation of stories from many people who you might not expect to go vegan and lots of reasons to go vegan! There are stories of witnessed abuse that is very sad, but not as bad as the footage normally included.

So if you’re considering a vegan lifestyle, looking to get more facts about your existing vegan lifestyle, or know someone who is thinking of going vegan, watch this documentary! It’s available on Netflix streaming.