About Danielle

I have always loved animals and care for all living creatures deeply. I officially went vegetarian in March 2013 and vegan in April 2016. As a vegetarian, I was hesitant about giving up non-meat animal products because of the perceived difficulty with cooking and affordability. I have found being vegan to be substantially easier than I thought.

One of the challenges I faced while switching to a vegan diet was finding quick, easy, affordable recipes that are healthy! Another challenge was dealing with people telling me all different nutrition “facts.” I was determined to learn more about nutrition and a plant-based diet. I participated in T. Colin Campbell’s online course through Cornell University on Plant Based Nutrition. I am currently enrolled in courses to earn certification to be a Personal Trainer. Once I earn my CPT, I will then enroll in courses to earn a certification as a Health Coach. Besides all the recent studying I have done, I graduated from UMass-Dartmouth cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History.

Learning from my challenges, I was inspired to share my recipes and tips I have found useful to make living vegan easier. It is my goal to help people realize that a vegan diet and lifestyle does NOT have to be expensive or inconvenient. I hope to share my experience and knowledge of nutrition with those looking to explore vegan recipes and ideas.