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I’m so excited to be taking my page and recipes toward a more healthy approach. Most people are under the impression that foods that are vegan are going to be healthy. It is extremely important to realize this is not fact. Another impression people have about vegan foods are that they are expensive. The expensive part about any diet is what items you are purchasing. Normally, my weekly grocery bill is around $75. This covers a wide variety of food, but a large portion of that expense is processed foods, or organic food. You don’t NEED to buy organic if you’re vegan! This week, in order to plan for my transition to a paleo-inspired vegan diet, I changed my grocery list to mainly include fruit, veggies, and granola. I am so excited to create new and exciting recipes to share with others who are looking for a healthy alternative to the Standard American Diet, and would like some guidance in the shift to a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet that will help you to lose weight and be more healthy overall.

The recipes I am going to be sharing will follow paleo and vegan diet guidelines very closely, but I will make an exception here and there for quinoa, granola, and potatoes. I decided to periodically include these foods because vegan and paleo can both be challenging to meet all when combined. In these recipes I will make note when an ingredient is not typically classified as paleo, and I will note on the recipe if it is paleo-vegan since not all of my recipes on this site are paleo-vegan, though they can be tweaked to meet the guidelines. Here are the guidelines of a combined paleo and vegan diet WITHOUT my little “exceptions”:

paleo-inspired vegan


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